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See Korn's Jonathan Davis Talk "Dark Energy" of New Album, "Copycat" Nu-Metal Bands

Singer details coping with wife's death, rap rock's legacy, more in new video interview

Following Korn's debut of their single "You'll Never Find Me" yesterday, June 26th, alongside the announcement of upcoming record The Nothing, Jonathan Davis stopped by Kerrang!'s London office to chat about a range of topics, including the band's new work and how it's helped him deal with the tragic death of his wife Deven last year, contending with nu-metal's legacy and more. 

"It's basically me dealing with all the stuff that happened to me last year," he explained of the band's new material. "Very emotional for me, but, you know, it is what it is. I can't wait for people to hear it. I really spent a long time on doing what I wanted to do this time."

"The whole record is — I wouldn't say a concept record, but it's about basically the same thing," he continues. "All the different songs are about this dark energy that's followed me around. And with all the things that were going on last year, me embracing it, running from it, just trying to navigate myself through all the chaos that I was having at that time."

When asked about his feelings on the nu-metal label assigned to the band, often in reference to their creation of the fusion genre, the frontman takes the question in matured stride. He claims the title used to irritate him but now? "Who gives a fuck? I don't anymore," he answers. Saying the genre reeks of "machismo" and rap rock, he also admits there was a mixed bag of good and "copycat" bands to emerge from the 1990s trend that attempted to follow in Korn's footsteps. 

See the full interview above, and check out Korn's new single "You'll Never Find Me" here