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See Korn's Jonathan Davis Talk Xanax Addiction Behind Solo Song "Medicate"

Singer dives deep into another 'Black Labyrinth' cut in new making-of video

Jonathan Davis dropped his first-ever solo album, Black Labyrinth, last month, as well as kicking off a 13-part video series, dubbed "Through the Black Labyrinth," that takes a deep dive into the recording sessions for each cut. Episode one chronicles the making of lead single "Basic Needs" — a "dark world-music/gothic" song replete with Indian and Japanese folk instruments and raga singing — and, premiered today via Forbes, episode two digs into the backstory and creation of "Medicate," which addresses the Korn singer's struggles with anxiety and Xanax addiction.

"I've dealt with anxiety for a long-ass time," Davis told Forbes. "I got prescribed Xanax, benzodiazepine, a long time ago. Benzos are the fucking devil. They're horrible drugs. They feel good at the moment and are a quick fix to get you out of a panic attack, but they're not designed to be taken long-term — especially Xanax. I started taking it for anxiety. I'd take a piece in the morning and a piece at night, then go to bed. You start to build up a resistance. Two years later and I was trying to kick it. The song is about me dealing with common regrets, that I need this pill to be happy or stay sane. Anxiety is debilitating. I don't wish it on my worst enemy. You can't even function. After I did that song was the first time I kicked it. It was my first of three times. It was very intense."