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See PANTERA play "Walk" with SATYRICON's Satyr in Norway

Philip Anselmo's former bandmate in short-lived supergroup Eibon

Pantera's current comeback tour is intended as a communal celebration of the power-groove titans' legacy, and in that spirit, the reconstituted band has been inviting various famous friends and fans onstage to join them in performing their signature anthem "Walk." These have included members of Sepultura, Mayhem and Testament, a list that got a new name added this past Friday (June 23rd) at the Tons of Rock festival in Oslo, Norway.

There, Satyricon vocalist Sigurd "Satyr" Wongraven joined Pantera for "Walk," bringing some Norwegian black-metal grimness to the "take no shit" groove-metal march. Watch fan-filmed footage of his appearance above.

In addition to fronting Satyricon, Satyr also was a member of the short-lived black-metal supergroup, alongside Pantera's Philip Anselmo, Darkthrone's Fenriz and Necrophagia's late bandleader Killjoy. The all-star collective contributed one song, "Mirror Soul Jesus," to Moonfog Records' A Different Perspective compilation over 20 years ago and was working on a debut album before disintegrating, in large part due to Anselmo's drug issues.

Could Eibon ever live again? During a 2022 interview with Landry.Audio, Satyr spoke positively about the possibility of the project being resurrected. "Every time when my brother Philip and I meet, we talk about it," he said. "So that's surely something that we would love to do. But it is hard to make that happen."