See Prog-Doom Mystics Dvne Unleash Mastodonian Fury and Intricacy in New Video | Revolver

See Prog-Doom Mystics Dvne Unleash Mastodonian Fury and Intricacy in New Video

Twenty minutes, two 'Asheran' songs, one epic live performance

Scottish prog-doom outfit Dvne recently convened at No Studio in Manchester, England, to perform "The Crimson Path" and "Scion," the respective opening and closing tracks off their debut album Asheran, which was reissued via Wasted State in March. Today, the four-piece have shared professionally-shot footage of the epic, 20-minute-long riff-athon. Watch Dvne rip through "The Crimson Path" followed by "Scion," and be sure to read our interview with the band, if you haven't already.

When we talked to him, Dvne frontman Victor Vicart detailed Asheran's high-fantasy feel. He cited Lord of the Rings author J.R.R. Tolkien as an influence for the album, which follows a group of settlers who return to their heretofore-barren home planet, only to incur nature's wrath. "I think Tolkien is such a great source of inspiration for lyrics, and for music in general," he said. "If you write any music and you're into doom or post-metal or progressive or whatever, it's definitely a great source of material for ideas and musical inspiration."

Describing the record's allegorical implications, he remarked, "When we see that there are leaders more concerned about nationalism than the future of the planet, that's concerning. At first, we didn't know that there'd be no turning back from global warming. Now, it's more a question of what we're going to do about it."

Dvne are set to play their first U.S. shows later this summer at the Psycho Las Vegas festival, taking place August 16th-20th at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Sin City. Find more info here.