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See Tool Stop Show to Help Fan: "We Have a Situation Down Here"

Maynard and Co. make sure collapsed audience member gets to safety

Tool are known for putting on some of the most aurally stimulating and visually mind-boggling shows in metal, and when they're up their performing, they're in the zone in a truly special way. That said, during a performance earlier this week, Maynard Keenan and Co. made sure to put their whole shebang on pause so a fan who needed medical attention could make their way out of the crowd and into safety. 

On Tuesday February 22nd, the band were in the middle of their set at the Capital One Arena in D.C. when an audience member allegedly collapsed and needed to be taken out by EMT's. Instead of continuing on with their music, Tool quickly paused their playing and Keenan alerted the whole venue about what was happening up front. 

"Hang on, we have a situation down here," he told the stadium of fans. "We have to make sure this person's okay before we continue." At this point, which you can see via the above video courtesy of Rock Feed, a good portion of the audience applauds the band's consideration actions, and then a flashlight shines on the cluster of people up near the barrier. "Make way for the EMT's, please," Keenan politely asks his fans 

After a few minutes of playful banter, the band eventually get the OK continue and carry on with their set. In the wake of last year's Astroworld festival tragedy that left 10 trampled fans dead, it's great to see big figures in the metal scene like Tool making a pointed effort to keep their fans safe and sound so the show can go on.