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See Woman Hurtle Into Madness in Hardcore Crew Candy's Insane New Video

"Good to Feel" hypes up band's new LP and upcoming Terror/Harm's Way tour in terrifying style

How can you not love Candy? We certainly do, and so apparently do Terror and Harm's Way, who tapped them to open on their upcoming tour, along with another one of our favorites, Year of the Knife. Candy's unrepentant approach to hardcore owes a debt to bands like No Comment, Infest and more, with lightning fast blasting interjected with hateful doom riffs and mosh-ready mid-paced fury mixed in to complete the vicious cycle. Their latest track follows that recipe to a T. "Good to Feel," the title track from the group's forthcoming LP, grips you by the throat and drags you along as the song builds and slows, all while never losing intensity or cohesiveness — even when Candy take a left turn with a little drum and bass just to keep us on our toes.

Making it even better, "Good to Feel" is the subject of a jerky and terrifying new video, one that manages to mash up speeding European cars, bare-knuckle fights and shadowy evil figures into one horrible nightmare. It's beautiful (in the most twisted of ways) and the ideal backdrop for the spasmodic song. Check it out above for the first time.  

"There's still a lot of people stuck in old ways of doing things that could benefit from pushing boundaries," singer Zak Quiram told us in August. "We like to focus on things that inspire us." The fruit of that focus, Good to Feel is due September 29th. You can pre-order your copy via Triple B.