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SOUNDGARDEN to release final songs with CHRIS CORNELL

Grunge giants come to agreement with singer's widow Vicky
soundgarden borucki, Justin Borucki
photograph by Justin Borucki

Soundgarden will finally release the songs they were working on with Chris Cornell before the frontman's death in 2017. The news comes thanks to an agreement between the surviving band members and Cornell's widow, Vicky, after the two parties spent years in court against each other.

Vicky Cornell sued Soundgarden over missing royalty payments in December 2019. Early the following year, the band responded claiming royalties were being properly paid. The band also claimed Vicky Cornell was withholding access to the band's social media accounts. The two parties came to a temporary agreement regarding the social media accounts in 2021.

In a new statement released today (April 17th) Soundgarden and Vicky Cornell announced they'd reached a resolution which will allow Soundgarden's final songs with Chris Cornell to be released.

The statement reads: "Soundgarden and Vicky Cornell, on behalf of the Estate of Chris Cornell, are happy to announce they have reached an amicable out of court resolution. The reconciliation marks a new partnership between the two parties, which will allow Soundgarden fans around the world to hear the final songs that the band and Chris were working on. The two parties are united and coming together to propel, honor and build upon Soundgarden's incredible legacy as well as Chris's indelible mark on music history - as one of the greatest songwriters and vocalists of all time."

No word yet on when said songs might be released, but this is great news for fans. Stay tuned.