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Walls of Jericho Drummer Arrested in Oregon With Over 600 Pounds of Marijuana

Dustin Schoenhofer was allegedly on way home to Ohio with shipment of drugs
Dustin Schoenhofer mug shot, 2019

Since their Aughts heyday, Detroit, Michigan–bred metalcore group Walls of Jericho have only been active sporadically in recent years, but now the band has popped back into the headlines for all the wrong reasons. On October 23rd, drummer Dustin Schoenhofer was pulled over by Oregon State Police around 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon, and when the trooper determined there was cause to search him and did so, he discovered more than 600 pounds of cannabis in his 2015 Chevy Pickup Schoenhofer, along with 36.8 pound of Butane Honey Oil extract.

The police department reported the incident on their official Facebook page, claiming the shipment of drugs were headed for Schoenhofer's home state of Ohio. Charges stemming from the arrest include: Exporting Marijuana, Exporting Extract, Possession of a Controlled Substance-Marijuana, and Distribution of a Controlled Substance-Marijuana, Possession of a Controlled Substance-Extract, and Distribution of a Controlled Substance-Extract.

Trooper Adam Miller logged the situation and says Schoenhofer "stated he was going to Ohio with the truck but didn't know the marijuana was in the back of it." The Mail Tribune reported that, after the arrest, the drummer was being held in the Klamath County Jail on $45,000 bail and had been ordered to enter a county drug court program. 

Read below to find out the full details of the situation as told by the cops, and click through to the original post if you'd enjoy seeing them get clowned in the comments by folks who think it's far past time we legalized weed anyway.