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Watch 10-Year-Old Boy Sing Korn's "Blind" With All-Kid Band

O'Keefe Foundation youngsters do Jonathan Davis and Co. proud

Are you ready? Colt Shedden sure is. The 10-year-old vocalist takes on Korn's nu-metal rager "Blind" in the latest video from the O'Keefe Music Foundation, whose students have previously performed everything from Rammstein's "Du Hast" to Pantera's "I'm Broken." In the organization's latest, soon-to-go-viral video, Shedden is backed by 10-year-old lead guitarist Xander Markewich plus three 17-year-olds, Alex Sutherland (rhythm guitar), Noah Williams (bass) and Jacob Wehn (drums). Watch above.

If Shedden looks familiar, it might be because, at the tender young age of nine, he previously covered Pantera's "Walk," performing much of the song on top of the bar at Westy's Pub in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he led the assembled crowd in a gang-vocal chant of the song's anthemic chorus.

In addition to churning out heartwarming, family-friendly renditions of metal classics, the O'Keefe Music Foundation provides free music education to children and adolescents. Find out more about the organization, buy their music and, if you can, make a donation over their official website.