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Watch Babymetal Debut Two New Songs Live as Duo in Kansas City

Where is Yuimetal?

Earlier this week, Babymetal released a new single "Distortion," from their as-yet-untitled upcoming album. Now, fans can get an even better sense of what the group has in store, as the kawaii-metal band played two new songs — the titles of which have yet to be announced — last night (May 8th) in Kansas City, though the biggest takeaway from the performance for many attendees was the question "Where is Yuimetal?" who did not appear with her bandmates at the show. In her absence, the duo of Su-Metal and Moametal were joined by a bunch of back-up dancers, performing the first new song as a group and the second as a solo number by Su-Metal.

Speculation as to what's going on with Yuimetal is swirling, Loudwire reports. Last December, she had to bow out of two shows in Hiroshima due to illness. "As an entire team, we considered canceling this performance. However, it was Yuimetal's strong desire to not cancel this performance for the fans who were waiting and looking forward to these performances," Babymetal management commented at the time. "After long discussions and careful consideration, both Su-Metal and Moametal, as well as the entire Babymetal staff team, came to a final conclusion to continue these performances for the dedicated fans who have been waiting for this special event as well as for team Babymetal."

As of yet, there has been no official announcement as to Yuimetal's status within the band, or as to when a new album will be released.