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Watch Teen Band Tear Through Slayer's "Raining Blood" at Roller Rink

Hilarious music video achieves rare mix of adorable and badass

The O'Keefe Music Foundation is an Ohio-based nonprofit that provides children and teens with the instruments, professional recording equipment and engineers to live out their dreams of rock stardom. Five teenage musicians, aged 14-18, covered Slayer's "Raining Blood" for the organization's 2014 compilation: a reinterpretation so fury-laden and badass, it deserves its own music video.

Directed by Aaron O' Keefe, the jubilant clip finds the young headbangers — vocalist Kaden Karns, rhythm guitarist Aidan Fisher, lead guitarist Eli Dykstra, bassist Bailey Couch and drummer Curtis Moss — reprising their "Raining Blood" reinterpretation at the the foundation's annual "Skate Jam" fundraiser last October. Come for the prodigious performance, and stay for the throngs of adorable kids rocking out to their performance. Stream and download the kids' "Raining Blood" below.

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