See ORBIT CULTURE's wild video for crushing new song "From the Inside" | Revolver

See ORBIT CULTURE's wild video for crushing new song "From the Inside"

From Swedish melodeath band's new album 'Descent'

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Orbit Culture have returned with good news. Today (July 7th), the Swedish melodeath band announced their new album Descent, which Revolver readers ranked among the five most anticipated albums of 2023. The follow-up to 2020's Nija drops next month, but today, we're proud to be premiering the video for their absolutely monstrous new song "From the Inside." 

Musically, the track is a badass bastardization of Meshuggah, Lamb of God and Gojira. The djenty riffs are fucking gigantic. The raw, bloody bite of their sonic attack hits all the right pleasure points. And the sense of atmosphere and triumphant melody takes the track to epic proportions. 

The accompanying video is appropriately thrilling, with shots of the band performing in flurries of snow (or maybe stardust?) and freaky, refracted images of various landscapes and creepy creatures. Watch above via YouTube. 

"Right off the bat, starting in the writing and demo stage of this album, all of us in the band felt that this song was special," says vocalist-guitarist Niklas Karlsson. "It is somewhat of a melancholic track but with a deadly punch that works well over this atmospheric clean guitar. The intro felt right, the verse felt right, and the chorus felt right. It's just one of those songs that combined all of the elements of this album into a single that we wanted to represent this album.

"The lyrics contain several metaphors talking about not really being fit in or able to smash through the bullshit in your life. I drew a line between the similarity of solitude to being left in the cold outside, which mostly starts within yourself. That's how the whole visual aspect of the video came from, being left out, seeing the world and the rest of the world can see you, but you can't be touched."

Descent is out August 18th via Seek and Strike and is now available for pre-order in a variety of formats. Revolver has an exclusive colored vinyl variant that's limited to just 500 copies worldwide. Get yours from our shop before they're gone for good!