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CANNIBAL CORPSE's Corpsegrinder picks favorite 'METALOCALYPSE' episode

Death-metal icon recounts voicing character who shouts, "Hey, fuckface!"
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Of all the guest cameos in Metalocalypse, there may be none more perfectly suited than George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher.

Obviously, the Cannibal Corpse vocalist is well versed in both death metal and brutality — but did you know show co-creator Brendon Small envisioned Dethklok's lead singer Nathan Explosion as a "cross between Conan the Barbarian and Corpsegrinder"?

While Small has voiced Explosion's lines since the beginning, he eventually enlisted his muse Corpsegrinder to voice various characters — most notably the spine-chilling, villainous Metal Masked Assassin — throughout the show's four seasons and The Doomstar Requiem special.

The Metal Masked Assassin character may possess an incredibly violent personality, but Corpsegrinder reveals that his own personal favorite episode is one that leans into Metalocalypse's "really funny" sensibilities: "Go Forth and Die" (Season 1, Episode 13).

"Nathan has the dream that he's working at Dimmu Burger, and I play the little punk who comes in and goes, 'Hey, fuckface — gimme four Number Fives!' and sprays ketchup in his face," Corpsegrinder tells Revolver.

"The manager of the burger place is [voiced by] King Diamond, which is awesome. We did our parts separately, obviously, but just to be on the same episode as the guy who, in my opinion, is the greatest heavy-metal singer of all time, that's pretty amazing. It's the second-best thing to doing a song together!"

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