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COREY TAYLOR picks actors he'd like to play him in SLIPKNOT biopic

Singer would prefer either of these A-listers in a Hollywood portrayal
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Corey Taylor has revealed who he'd want to portray him on the big screen. For years, there's been talk of a tentative Slipknot biopic that cinematizes the gnarly origins of the Iowa Nine, and last year, percussionist Shawn "Clown" Crahan said that he's been approached several times over the years about bringing the nu-metal band's unparalleled story to Hollywood — and that it's "most definitely going to happen" one day.

"It wasn't that long ago that I was very frustrated with this sort of idea, because the business, if you will, was pressuring us for something like that," Clown told NME

"I could never get anybody to create us, so I'm kind of holding that to the film," he continued. "I've had so many ideas brought to me, and there's so many people who are frustrated with me about it. They've actually told me, 'Maybe it'd be better if you're not involved.' And I'm just like, 'Yeah, we'll see how that works for you.'"

For now, the film remains a distant possibility, but Metal Hammer still asked 'Knot frontman Corey Taylor which actor he'd like to play him in a hypothetical Slipknot biopic. Taylor's first pick already played a legendary rockstar in a different movie, so he offered up an alternative as well. 

"Oh god! I'd have said Taron Egerton if he hadn't played Elton John [in 2019's Rocketman]," Taylor said. "We've got the same build — he's got the neck. He's stockier than I, but I've had times in my life where I've been pretty fuckin' fit and I just think body-wise he'd be spot on. 

"If I had to do it at my age now, I'd probably say Tom Hardy," Taylor continued. "He's scrappy and just doesn't give a fuck — he's one of my favorite actors. I could see him pulling off the passion I've got when I just wanna rip the mask off and scream in everyone's face."