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See GHOST's suspenseful new 'Chapter 17' video

"I finally figured out what all that Jesus fuss was about"

Ghost are up to 'Chapter 17' in their ongoing video series, which sees Tobias Forge play several of his iconic characters in a dramatic, lore-building narrative that's been doled out in soap opera-sized bits over the course of several years. In the last episode, Papa Emeritus IV spotted an ominous coffin being wheeled through the church halls, and it definitely seemed like he was anticipating a morbid outcome for himself — especially when Sister Imperator reminded him that "Jesus is coming," whatever that means. 

Well, this new episode doesn't offer too many answers, but the suspense certainly keeps building. In the clip, Papa IV visits the coffin holding the decased Papa Nihil, who arises from his slumber — or "nap," as he calls it here — to be presented with a gold record for "Mary on a Cross," the single from Ghost's "1969 era" that became a jumbo hit on TikTok last summer. 

Nihil happily accepts the gift, and after some hilarious shit-talking between the two, he lays back down for a slumber. "Jesus is coming" is referenced at the end of the video, but you'll have to watch above via YouTube to see why.