JAY WEINBERG unveils freaky new SLIPKNOT mask | Revolver

JAY WEINBERG unveils freaky new SLIPKNOT mask

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UPDATE, 6/7/23: Following up the video shared yesterday, Jay Weinberg posted a photo today, giving a good, clear look at his toothy new mask. Check that out below.

ORIGINAL STORY, 6/6/23: Jay Weinberg loves teasing his new masks online. While other members of Slipknot prefer to unveil their new visages once they're onstage, Weinberg frequently posts teaser videos and photos of him wearing his freaky new digs, and after donning a new one just this past April for Knotfest Japan, the drummer has revealed another upgrade to his The End, So Far-era face covering.

In an ominous, 10-second clip with the caption "evolve," Weinberg gives fans a few brief, close-up glances at his ghastly new mask. The basic design is the same as the one Weinberg has been sporting since late 2021, except the mouth looks significantly different.

Instead of the stringy, cobweb-like fibers that stretched between his upper and lower lips, Weinberg's whole mouth is filled with gnarly teeth that protrude out from every which angle. The dark, soulless eyes remain the same, but goddamn — those chompers are seriously fucked-up in the coolest, scariest way possible.

He's only giving us a quick glimpse in between rays of strobe light effect, but you can get a pretty good idea in the video below.