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Lucifer's Johanna Sadonis: 5 Women Who Inspire Me

Occult-rock singer spotlights Patti Smith, Stevie Nicks and others
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March is Women's History Month, a time to reflect, celebrate and advocate. With that in mind, we asked a number of our favorite artists to highlight some of the women who have most inspired them. Up today, Johanna Sadonis, singer of Swedish occult-rock riff-warriors Lucifer. She chimed in fresh off the release of her band's spell-casting third album, the aptly titled Lucifer III. "There are countless women I admire from many different walks of life," Sadonis told us, "but I chose five musicians that stand like arch angels upon my personal altar of rock & roll as music is always my first love. Meet some of my saints!"

1. Patti Smith
She is a true icon and my hero. Her records were a classic essential in the household I grew up in as a child. Everything about her is pure and of sincere, raw beauty. An honest and unaffected woman. She is a terrific poet and a writer with great sensitivity. I admire her lyrics and books for the way she sees and portraits the world. Such a tender romantic, yet so clear visioned. The tone and many ways of expression of her voice moves me intensely. I saw her play two nights in a row at a church in Berlin, sat first row, right in front of her. I've seen hundreds of shows, but these were some of the most important ones for me. On our wedding day, Nicke [Andersson, former Entombed guitarist and current Lucifer drummer and songwriter] sang "Because the Night" for me together with the the wedding band consisting of fellow musicians. That tore my heart out. Favorite song: "Pissing in a River."

2. Grace Slick
A woman of extraordinary wit and coolness, with a voice of gold and her very own unique style of delivery. She is the personification of Seventies psychedelia. Noble and sublime. She is untouchable and one of my patron saints. Favorite song: "Aerie (Gang of Eagles)," Jefferson Airplane, Long John Silver.

3. Stevie Nicks
She is an American queen who knows how to speak to an extremely wide range of different people in her own made-up language of music, lyrics and imagery. Not a lot of people have that gift. She has the magic that strikes a chord with so many hearts and over such a long period of time for a reason. I'm in love with her melancholy and drama. As a huge fan of her entire body of work spanning from Buckingham/Nicks, where every song is a winner, to Fleetwood Mac and her early solo material, I can never get enough of her. Her spirit is soothing my soul and is my go-to shelter music for all kinds of situations. Favorite song: "Planets of the Universe," Fleetwood Mac, Rumours outtake.

4 and 5. Ann and Nancy Wilson
I'm a passionate Seventies Heart fan. Nancy's prodigy guitar play coupled with Ann's mighty voice blew my mind completely when I first fell in love with them. I love watching Seventies Heart live performances. Fierce and brilliant! These women grew up playing rock in a man's world, and they did not put up with bullshit. They were blessed to have each other. There is nothing like siblings harmonizing. In fact, they have a third sister, Lynn, who has been singing with them in the early days. Favorite song: "Magic Man," Heart, Dreamboat Annie.