Quentin Tarantino Praises Rob Zombie's 'Halloween' Remakes: "I Am a Big Fan" | Revolver

Quentin Tarantino Praises Rob Zombie's 'Halloween' Remakes: "I Am a Big Fan"

'Pulp Fiction' director shouts out rocker-auteur's stylish take on horror classic

Way back in 1994 before he was the hot-shot director fans have come to know and love, Quentin Tarantino was approached by Miramax Pictures to direct the sixth installment in the Halloween franchise. Alas, the pairing was ill-fated and never panned out, but the Pulp Fiction director understandably has some strong opinions on the handling of Michael Myers' exploits, and he recently dropped a nod to Rob Zombie's polarizing retelling of the first two films in an interview with Consequence of Sound

"The thing is now I am a big fan of the Rob Zombie Halloweens," he revealed during a deep dive into the history of the series. " When I saw the first one, I didn't like it at all. I didn't like the aesthetic. I didn't like everything that he added to it and then the last hour just becomes this fast forward remake of the first one. What the fuck is all this shit? Eight months later, I watched it on video … and I really liked them once I got all the preconceptions out of my head." 

"That kid [actor Daeg Faerch] is really good," he continued. "I mean, what did I think Rob Zombie was going to do with it? Do I want him to do something else? I like his Sam Peckinpah aesthetic. So, now that I didn't have a bug up my ass about it, I was actually able to appreciate it. And again, it's that kid who got me into it, and Danielle Harris [as Annie Brackett] is fantastic." 

For his part, Zombie stated last year that he was still proud of his Halloween movies, despite the mixed reaction of fans. Both he and Tarantino have had busy 2019s, releasing new films, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and 3 From Hell, respectively. For more on the latter, check out our interview with its director in which he discusses how the whole movie nearly fell apart.