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See Chucky Terrorize Family in Bloody New 'Child's Play' Remake Trailer

Killer Buddi doll gets terrifying digital-age upgrade in first clip for franchise reboot

It's a good time to be a fan of horror movies, with fan-favorite franchises being treated with respect, and given good storytelling and real scares. Today, a new trailer has arisen for the Child's Play reboot due out June 21st. The trailer starts with what seems like a lot of stock footage, showing the surge in technological innovations, from VR to tablets. We're shown the young protagonist of the movie, Andy Barclay (played by Gabriel Bateman) watching TV when a trailer for a "Buddi 2" toy appears, though when the chair swivels around to show the toy it cuts out.

Throughout the trailer, there are hints of what carnage Chucky will unleash, but the viewer is never treated to a full shot. Andy gets the toy from his mother Karen (played by Aubrey Plaza), and from the toy's point of view it does some kind of digital scan on Andy's face. The trailer then cuts to a montage, in what looks to be a destroyed warehouse room with various toys strewn about, and a whole toy store full of shoppers trapped as the lights go off and chaos ensues. The movie promises to be a bloody return to the series' glory days, and with the box showing a WiFi symbol on the "i" in Buddi, who knows what kind of new-age chaos this toy will wreak.