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See Riley Hawk Shred the Streets to Turnstile

Pro skater needed a little "T.L.C." during his latest 'Thrasher' session

Pro skater Riley Hawk is well-known for having great music taste. The Warish frontman  — and son of skate legend Tony Hawk — is a Motörhead fanatic and stoner-rock maestro, but, like pretty much anyone who's given the Baltimore hardcore visionaries their ears, he can also get down with some Turnstile. In fact, Hawk chose the band's beaming hardcore-funk blast, "T.L.C.," to soundtrack the new session he just did for Thrasher Magazine

In the video, titled "Nepotism," Hawk is seen tearing up some local street spots, grinding on rails and leaping off concrete while Turnstile's explosive anthem blasts in the background. Turnstile's music should absolutely be soundtracking skate seshes worldwide, so it's great to see Hawk give them such a big nod. Watch the badass video above via YouTube.