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Steve-O: How I Covered Mötley Crüe's Tommy Lee in My Blood

'Jackass' wild man recounts time drummer asked him to do "something super fucked-up" onstage in new video

With the official debut of Mötley Crüe biopic The Dirt out today via Netflix, Jackass star and all-around wild man Steve-O has revealed a crazy story about his interactions with the band and how one particular incident ended with drummer Tommy Lee being covered in the stuntman's blood. 

Going way back in time to when he was 13, Steve-O recalls tracking down the Crüe in 1987 as a young fan and how that experience empowered him to feel as though he could accomplish anything. Fast forward to much later down the road after the daredevil was well-established in his career but facing eight years in prison for a pair of federal charges he caught relating to obscenity, and he reached out to an old idol in Tommy Lee via email for guidance. The two began a pen-pal exchange which eventually turned into a real life friendship, leading to Lee asking Steve-O to write a passage for the rocker's 2004 book Tommyland

Following the tome's release, Lee rejoined Mötley Crüe after a long hiatus and asked Steve-O to introduce the reformed lineup on stage before a show. In true lunatic form, Steve-O broke a light bulb during his bit, slashed his tongue, and used the blood to smear Lee-style face paint on his cheeks. While exiting the stage, the drummer grabbed him to hug him and despite the bloodied comedian's insistence that he be careful, Lee pulls him in and covers his own body in Steve-O's blood. 

The crazy stories don't end there, though, and the risk-taker recalls more tales involving rapper Machine Gun Kelly who not only recorded the song "Wild Boy" which name-drops Steve-O but also ended up playing the role of Tommy Lee in The Dirt. Watch the full-circle, action-packed story in full above.