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Wee Man on Favorite 'Jackass' Pranks, Going to Disneyland With Slayer and More

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weemancrediterichendrikx.jpg, Eric Hendrikx
Jason "Wee Man" Acuña, 2018
photograph by Eric Hendrikx

In this episode of Revolver's action-sports podcast "Boozed and Bruised," host Eric Hendrikx hangs out with Jackass star Wee Man, as the two reminisce over their favorite pranks from the mega-hit series that "destroyed America one Sunday at a time" and discuss why the crew couldn't do it today. The skateboarder also discusses his love for heavy metal (especially 1984 metal albums) and shares stories of going to Disneyland with Slayer and the time Ozzy Osbourne stopped the clock at a Tower Records signing on Sunset Boulevard for a proper conversation. In addition, Wee Man talks about a recent skate session with Bam Margera, who he picked up from rehab, and reveals how, after being inspired by a billionaire, he has become an entrepreneur and owner of several businesses.

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