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Gojira, Evanescence and More Appear on Covers of New Issue

Spring 2021 print edition also features Serj Tankian, Gatecreeper, 3TEETH and others
gojiranescence.jpg, Gabrielle Duplantier and Kristin Cofer
photography by Gabrielle Duplantier and Kristin Cofer

Fortitude. It's defined by Merriam-Webster as "strength of mind that enables a person to encounter danger or bear pain or adversity with courage." It's also the title of Gojira's excellent new album. Leave it to a bunch of French metalheads to dig up such a badass English word.

Fortitude is a great summation of the "metal attitude" we've been talking about ever since we re-launched Revolver in 2017: take no shit, never surrender, fight to the end. It's an attitude embodied in various ways by all the artists in our new Spring 2021 Issue: Gojira, Evanescence's Amy Lee, System of a Down's Serj Tankian and Gatecreeper's Chase Mason, who appear on the four collectible covers, as well those featured inside, from Pupil Slicer to Eyehategod.

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See a full list of the issue's contents below.

pupilslicer_credit_andyford.jpg, Andy Ford
Pupil Slicer, 2021
photograph by Andy Ford

Five Artists You Need to Know Now
U.K. mathcore upstarts Pupil Slicer, acid-tripping death dealers Sanguisugabogg, trap-metal firestarter Kamiyada+, nu-metal revivalists Tetrarch and Riley-Hawk-led noise-rock trio Warish


These French progressive metal champions have always led by example. Their new album could spark a revolution. Joe Duplantier talks to Code Orange's Jami Morgan about finding fortitude.


Amy Lee opens up to Spiritbox singer and lifelong fan Courtney LaPlante about the power of vulnerability, the beauty in imperfection and her hopes for the future


It's a long way to the top if you wanna play death metal. But helmed by bandleader Chase Mason, these Arizona desert dwellers have the vision and work ethic to rise above.


The Armed
They've been name-dropped in Ford commercials and eaten crepes in ghillie suits in the mosh pit. Who is this mysterious hardcore collective and what are they after? We investigate the po-mo pranksters flipping heavy music on its head.


Few bands are as identified with hard drugs and misanthropy as the NOLA sludgecore veterans. But over 30 years and a liver transplant in, vocalist Mike IX Williams has a new outlook on life.


The desert is a place of mystery and magic. Where better for a band of industrial-metal insurgents to bunker down amid a pandemic and conjure new music?


Serj Tankian
System of a Down's activist frontman has used music to change the world. But first, music had to change him.

Plus, an original piece of visual art by Gojira's Mario Duplantier, using his "dripping technique."