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Pantera, Lamb of God and More Appear on Covers of New Revolver Issue

Spring 2020 print edition also features Body Count, August Burns Red, Code Orange and others
pantera_credit_joegiron.jpg, Joe Giron
photograph by Joe Giron

COVID-19 be damned, Revolver's Spring 2020 issue is finally here. We cannot lie: There were moments over the last month when we weren't sure if we'd be able to pull it off, between the challenges of working remotely while in quarantine and the possibility that our printer might not be considered an "essential" business and could be forced to shut down. We count ourselves lucky to still be chugging along and to be releasing a new issue in these strange times. We think it's a good one, at least good enough to help you pass some of your time while stuck at home.

To that end, the Spring 2020 Issue features not one, not two, but nine collectible covers. You can grab the Pantera, Lamb of God, Body Count, August Burns Red and Code Orange covers — as well as the limited-edition, deluxe Pantera box set featuring four exclusive covers, one for each band member — now via our store. See a full list of the issue's contents below.

machinegirl.jpg, A.F. Cortés
Machine Girl, 2020
photograph by A.F. Cortés

Five Artists You Need to Know Now
Deftones-approved heavy-music experimentalists Loathe, metal singer and stripper turned feminist rapper Dana Dentata, "righteous" death-metal supergroup Umbra Vitae, extraterrestrial digital hardcore duo Machine Girl, and second-chance-seizing Atlantans Irist


On the 30th anniversary of their major-label debut, Cowboys From Hell, and the 20th of their swansong, Reinventing the Steel, the trailblazing band's sole survivors Philip Anselmo and Rex Brown look back on the beginning and the end


Code Orange
There's no questioning their willpower and work ethic. But can heavy music's most visionary young band realize their radical ambitions in a quickly changing world?


Lamb of God
Kicking off a new era for the band, Randy Blythe and Co. offer up their most incisive and wide-screen political statement to date


Body Count
The incendiary vision and unkillable perseverance of Ice-T's "grindhouse" metal band


With a new singer and a new album — including some of their first songs in English — the Norwegian metal sensations are going through changes. Revolver hung out with them in Oslo for an up-close look.


True Mexican Black Metal
Photographer Angela Boatwright pulls back the veil on a vibrant subculture deeply rooted in personal and precolonial identity


Jake Luhrs
The August Burns Red frontman opens up about personal trauma, almost tapping out and embracing imperfection

Plus, an original illustration by Adrian Baxter (Suicide Silence, Watain, Cloak) inspired by Pantera's "raw, no-frills approach to metal. No fancy decoration, no pretty colors — just bones, skulls, snakes and a heavy slab of CFH."