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5 criminally underrated prog-metal albums: TESSERACT's picks

From an "epic journey of angular riffs" to "one of the most brilliantly odd records"
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TesseracT aren't just one of the most crucial djent bands, they're one of the most beloved acts in modern prog-metal.

The U.K. djentlemen have built up an impressive repertoire of down-tuned, alien-like madness throughout their respected career, and in honor of their forthcoming album, War of Being, we had guitarist James Monteith dig deep into his wealth of riff knowledge and pull out five of the most criminally underrated prog-metal records ever. 

Interestingly, Monteith chose records from his band's generation rather than digging back into the catacombs of decades past, revealing five uniquely crushing and exploratory opuses that he thinks TesseracT fans — and really any fan of modern prog-metal — need to hear immediately. 

Check out his picks below. 

The Algorithm - Polymorphic Code

In the late 2000's, the Algorithm made waves in underground circles with his crossover of prog/tech-metal and hard electronica. He was the first artist I ever heard who, for me, got the electro-metal balance exactly right. The Polymorphic Code album is a great collection of tracks that show off the band's creativity, innovation and sense of humor.

Boss Keloid - Melted on the Inch

One of the most brilliantly odd records that's almost uncategorizable and utterly brilliant. A mix of classic prog, doom-metal, psych-rock and more, they masterfully fuse these influences to create something totally unique.

First Fragment - Gloire Éternelle

Technical brilliance is an understatement when describing this band — and this record is them at their peak. Lightning-fast shred, precise death metal riffage, and wild, fretless bass. It's one of the most out-there, brutally heavy records ever.

No Made Sense - The Epillanic Choragi

A gem from the late 2000's, this epic journey of angular riffs, unconventional arrangements and gritty vocals was like nothing else at that time. The title-track riff is a huge earworm.

Uneven Structure - Februus

Down-turned riffs drenched in icy atmosphere, each track on this record has incredible depth, with many layers you discover upon repeated listens. The highlight is the incredible vocals, that are both beautiful and haunting, and remarkably unique.