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ANTHRAX's SCOTT IAN picks favorite DETHKLOK album

"The magnum opus of this monumental saga"
Scott Ian anthrax HUBBARD, Jimmy Hubbard
photograph by Jimmy Hubbard

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Scott Ian and Dethklok go way back. The Anthrax guitarist first appeared in Metalocalypse in 2009's Season 3, Episodes 1 and 2: "Renovationklok" and "Tributeklok" as "sneaky trunk guy" and then "humiliated participant" — the former a crazed fan that infiltrated Mordhaus (resulting in a hilarious interaction with 'Klok frontman Nathan Explosion).

And lucky for us (and him), Ian makes return appearance in the new Metalocalypse movie, Army of the Doomstar, playing the voice of an Elite Tribunal Soldier — and loving every minute of it.

In our new Dethklok collector's issue, Ian spoke to Revolver about his die-hard love of the Klok. While he wasn't able managed to narrow down his top Dethklok song, he did reveal his favorite creation out of every album in the broader Metalocalypse universe.

"It's really hard for me to pick a favorite Dethklok song — we're talking about the greatest band in the history of history here," Ian tells Revolver. "The band that wrote such gems as 'Bloodrocuted,' 'Hatredcopter' and 'I Ejaculate Fire.' How does one choose?

"My favorite masterpiece from the Dethverse is… The Doomstar Requiem. Doomstar is the culmination of years of inventive storytelling coupled with musical genius. This Klok Opera is nothing short of brilliant, the magnum opus of this monumental saga.

"It takes you on a musically magnificent ride through the darkest depths of misery to the tops of the most majestic metal peaks… and it leaves you wanting more."

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