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AMIRA ELFEKY announces debut EP 'Skin to Skin'

A leading light in the nu-metal revival
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Amira Elfeky is one of the fastest-rising artists in the ongoing nu-metal resurgence. The young singer-songwriter — whose sensual sound is one part Deftones' guazy alt-metal and one part Evanescence's soaring goth-rock — recently played her first-ever headline show, and today (March 13th) she announced her hotly anticipated debut EP, Skin to Skin.

"This is an invitation to share in the most intimate aspects of my being and embrace the essence of human connection," Elfeky wrote on Instagram. 'My debut ep 'Skin to Skin' will be available 3/29. The utmost gratitude for those who have contributed their talents and support in crafting this record. Every lyric that I wrote is a treasured gem of my soul and a manifestation of a cherished dream realized."

Check out the cover art and tracklist below.

Skin to Skin tracklist:
1. Secrets
2. A Dozen Roses
3. Everything I Do Is for You
4. Skin to Skin
5. Save Yourself
6. Tonight (demo)
7. Coming Down
8. Tonight (symphony)