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Eyehategod's Mike IX Williams: My Favorite Motörhead Song

"It’s virtually impossible to pick one Motörhead song as a favorite"
ehg_1.jpg, Petra Mckenzie
Eyehategod's Mike IX Williams
photograph by Petra Mckenzie

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Motörhead occupy rarefied air in the heavy-music world. Led by the inimitable Lemmy Kilmister, they emerged out of London's early Seventies heavy-psych, space-rock scene (epitomized by Lem's acid-drenched previous band Hawkwind) and quickly secured their mythical reputation as speed-fueled, road-worn rock & roll icons thanks to their tireless touring and god-tier songs like "Ace of Spades," "Overkill" and more.

Motörhead left the world with so much great music that continue to inspire generations of heavy-music fans — including Mike IX Williams of NOLA sludgecore miscreants Eyehategod. Below, the singer-guitarist sounds off on his favorite Motörhead song.


It's virtually impossible to pick one Motörhead song as a favorite — rabid fans of their historic career already know this. But, off the top of my head the tune "R.A.M.O.N.E.S." comes to mind as a standout right now, if just because of the sheer blatantness of the song's subject matter. Lemmy's love of the Ramones and involvement in the early punk scene in general is something I'm greatly interested in, and the song itself is a tribute to the OG delinquent band from Queens. The track totally apes the three-minute, three-chord style the "brothers" are famous for, name-dropping band members and song titles, all nice, simple and fast. Coming from the punk scene myself, Motörhead always fit right in, and Lemmy's association with the Damned, Sid Vicious, Wendy O. and other speedy luminaries has fully endeared them to manic head-banging punk rockers worldwide.