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Fan poll: 5 most anticipated albums of 2024

See which record our readers are most stoked to hear
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photograph by Travis Shinn

We're barely a week into the new year and there's already an overwhelming number of new albums that are rumored to keep our heads banging for the next 12 months.

Last week, we at Revolver revealed our 55 most anticipated albums of 2024, so now, as is custom, we asked our readers to weigh in on the ones they're most looking forward to this year.

There weren't any huge shockers in the final tallies, but the top five vote-getters include a range of bands — from old-school heavy to nu-school gauzy. See which 2024 LPs our fans can't wait for below.

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photograph by Azu Rodriguez

5. Korn

It's only been two years since Korn unleashed their last album, Requiem, but the nu-metal world is already starving for more. The Bakersfield band just announced their biggest U.K. show to date and recently launched their merch collab with adidas, so clearly the pistons are pumping.

Last year, guitarist Brian "Head" Welch promised that new tunes are arriving in 2024. Hopefully we'll know more shortly.

Anthrax Sunglasses Full Band Jimmy Hubbard, Jimmy Hubbard
photograph by Jimmy Hubbard

4. Anthrax

Anthrax have been teasing a new album for literal years, and it seems like 2024 will finally bear the fruits fans have been clamoring for.

The NYC thrashers seemed to be wrapping up their final recording sesh's late last year, and were even joined in the studio by famous friend Dave Grohl. The For All Kings follow-up is gonna rule no matter what, and if Grohl is involved in some way, then it'll rule even harder.

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3. Kerry King

Yup, this is a big one. Slayer guitarist Kerry King has been dribbling out info about his new band for a minute now, but with two shows on the docket in 2024 — his first performances since Slayer called it quits in 2019 — fans are closer than ever to hearing him reign again.

There's still no title or release date, but King recently described the new material as "an extension of Slayer." What more could you want?

deftones-19.jpg, Justin Mohlman
photograph by Justin Mohlman

2. Deftones

Deftones haven't made any grand gestures that a new album is on the horizon, but our readers are still ravenously excited for the inevitable follow-up to 2020's Ohms.

The band are in the midst of a significant resurgence among Gen-Z listeners, and it was both youngsters and OGs who shouted out their anticipation for new 'Tones in our replies. Here's hoping guitarist Stephen Carpenter wasn't leading us on when he teased an impending full-length for 2024.

1. Judas Priest

Maybe fans are looking forward to Judas Priest's new album most of all because they know for a fact that it's coming — and soon. Invincible Shield, the NWOBHM pioneers' first LP since 2018's Firepower, is due out March 8th, and the two singles we've heard so far, "Panic Attack" and "Trial by Fire," are more than encouraging.

Rob Halford and Co. still sound at the top of their game more than 50 years since their formation, so yeah, our readers are looking forward to new Priest. We are, too.