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Fan poll: Top 5 BAD OMENS songs

"Just Pretend" didn't even make the cut!
Bad Omens live 2023 1600x900 Thrasher, Steve Thrasher
Bad Omens' Noah Sebastian
photograph by Steve Thrasher

In just the last two years alone, Bad Omens have become one of heavy music's most unstoppable forces.

Their music had accrued a core audience on the strength of their first two albums, 2016's Bad Omens and 2019's Finding God Before God Finds Me, but it was their third LP, 2022's expansive The Death of Peace of Mind, that really caught wind — which became a fucking hurricane after breakout single "Just Pretend" hit TikTok.

Now, the band led by Noah Sebastian are a headlining force with a feverish fan base, and we asked the members of the Bad Omens cult to choose their single favorite song in the band's whole discography to date.

Any of their album tracks and singles were on the table, but the final results included a couple more curve balls than we expected. See the top five vote-getters ranked accordingly below.

5. "Like a Villain"

Bad Omens breakthrough third album, The Death of Peace of Mind, was a major level-up in several regards. Their songs got catchier, Sebastian's production was way more nuanced, and he began singing with a Weeknd-esque R&B croon that gave the band's sound a whole new flavor.

"Like a Villain" is an album standout that contains all of Bad Omens' brilliant multitudes: ethereal singing, chugging guitars, furious screaming and tasteful synth ambiance.

4. "The Grey"

The great thing about Bad Omens is that even their "lighter" songs are fucking bangers — especially "The Grey."

This moody centerpiece from The Death of Peace of Mind has one of the band's most minimal verses (just breathy singing and dollops of piano), but it completely erupts during the hook with a triumphant vocal performance that's at least an octave higher than where Sebastian usually sings. 

3. "Limits"

Bonus tracks rarely get ranked among a band's best songs, but "Limits" is a shining exception. Originally released as a deluxe track for Bad Omens' second album, Finding God Before God Finds Me, "Limits" struck a serious chord with fans and is now a live staple in their setlists.

With a a bouncy guitar riff that recalls Linkin Park and a delivery from Sebastian that highlights his sky-scraping clean vocals. "Limits" is one of Bad Omens' catchiest and emotional songs.

2. "Artificial Suicide"

The Death of Peace of Mind was the album when Bad Omens detached from metalcore and delved into synthier, sexier, more melodic soundscapes. But it does have one song, "Artificial Suicide," that bottles all of their rage into one explosive outburst.

The way Sebastian barks the song's title with a rap-like vocal pattern is extremely infectious, but otherwise this is a brutal breakdown fest that calls back to the aggro heaviness of Bad Omens' early material.

1. "Dethrone"

"Just Pretend" and "The Death of Peace of Mind" might be Bad Omens' most popular songs, but "Dethrone" is what the voting public consider their single greatest achievement.

To be sure, it's an utterly monstrous track. Like "Artificial Suicide," it resides on the heavier side of the band's spectrum, with a ragged screamed chorus and a hellishly djenty main riff.

"Dethrone" is frequently the final encore of Bad Omens' live sets, and when that last breakdown kicks in, their dancefloors are in shambles.

"Here am I, take me to the pearly gates!"