See "Harajuku-core" upstarts HANABIE's wild new video for "OTAKU Lovely Densetsu" | Revolver

See "Harajuku-core" upstarts HANABIE's wild new video for "OTAKU Lovely Densetsu"

Chaotic single gets hyperkinetic visual

Self-described "Harajuku-core" phenoms HANABIE. are one of the most buzzed-about metal bands in the world right now, winning cosigns from heavy-hitters like Limp Bizkit, Slash and Bring Me the Horizon, and regularly selling out shows. The Tokyo quartet's latest single is "OTAKU Lovely Densetsu," which was released last week and hails the culture of "Otaku," a Japanese word for people obsessed with anime, manga and video games.

Today, the single got its music video, which matches the song's chaotic metalcore sound with equally over-the-top visuals. Watch above.

Vocalist Yukina commented: "I wanted to write a song to express my gratitude to all the fans, staff, and bands that I met and played with on our world tour, and to express what I felt on the tour. One of the things I felt was 'Japanese culture, such as anime and video games, is truly loved'! We love Japanese culture, but not only about Japanese culture, this is a chaotic and Harajuku-core-like song that makes you think it's cool to be faithful and straight up to what you like."

Guitarist-vocalist Matsuri added, "'OTAKU Lovely Densetsu' is a chaotic song that focuses on anime and games that are part of Japanese culture. You shine brightest when you're into what you love and just being Otaku. Otaku is not just in Japan but also overseas too so be confident being Otaku! This song is just freestyle and doing what we want, so please enjoy this HANABIE. world! Japan culture rocks!"

HANABIE.'s debut album, 2023's Reborn Superstar!, is out now.