Hear BAD OMENS and POPPY join forces on epic new song "V.A.N." | Revolver

Hear BAD OMENS and POPPY join forces on epic new song "V.A.N."

First taste of Bad Omens' forthcoming 'Concrete Forever' album

It's here. It's real. Bad Omens have teamed with Poppy on a new song called "V.A.N.," and it already feels like an instant classic. 

The track fuses Bad Omens' pulsing industrial-metal production with Poppy's ethereal croons, jostling between glitchy blast-beats, throbbing synth grooves, and explosive surges of digitized guitar. 

The song's title, "V.A.N.," is an acronym for "violence against nature," and its theme is part of the larger narrative on Bad Omens' forthcoming album Concrete Forever, an extension of 2022's The Death of Peace of Mind filled with remixes, acoustic renditions and collabs with other artists — just like this one. 

Listen to "V.A.N." while you watch its accompanying music video above via YouTube. 

"That's a song that started just with the hook, 'violence against nature'," Bad Omens mastermind Noah Sebastian said of "V.A.N." "And then after saving the project with the acronym and seeing it we realized it could be fun to think of 'V.A.N.' as a name.

"Thus the rabbit hole of ideas began that led us to decide to write lyrics from the perspective of an artificial intelligence gone rogue."

In just a few days, Bad Omens will kick off their European leg of the "Concrete Forever" tour, in which Poppy will serve as direct support. "V.A.N." will be making an appearance at every date, but don't fret if you live across the world and can't attend.

On the January 28th and 29th shows in Germany, Bad Omens' sets will be filmed and turned into a global streaming event that will broadcast live on Veeps — allowing fans worldwide to see "V.A.N." performed in all its glory.

Get access to the special livestreams here