See SPACED teach mosh aerobics in awesome new "Landslide" video | Revolver

See SPACED teach mosh aerobics in awesome new "Landslide" video

Buffalo hardcore band announce debut LP 'This Is All We Ever Get'

We dubbed Buffalo hardcore band Spaced an Artist You Need to Know back in 2022, and they should continue to be on your radar now more than ever. 

Today (January 23rd), Spaced have announced their debut album This Is All We Ever Get, due out this March via Revelation Records. It was already one of the  most anticipated hardcore albums of the year over at Revolver HQ, and after hearing its lead single "Landslide," we're even more stoked. 

Spaced call themselves "far out hardcore" due to their guitarist's affinity for throwing flange and phaser effects over their traditional hardcore distortion, giving their songs a slightly psych-ier feel compared to the average hardcore band. 

That, combined with frontperson Lexi Reyngoudt's electric screams, make for a pretty unique sound that fans of Turnstile, Buggin, and GEL can certainly get down with. 

In the video for "Landslide," the band teach a mosh aerobics class that's styled like a vintage exercise video from the 1980s. It's a lot of fun, and you can watch and listen above via YouTube. 

This Is All We Ever Get is out March 22nd via Revelation Records, and you can pre-order it here.