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Hear BARONESS' experimental new single "Beneath the Rose"

You haven't heard John Baizley quite like this

Baroness have released an experimental new cut, "Beneath the Rose," the follow-up to June's more familiar-sounding "Last Word." In addition to a signature triumphant chorus, "Beneath the Rose" finds frontman John Baizley taking an unusual, near-spoken-word approach for the song's verses.

"Beneath the Rose" is the second single from Baroness' upcoming sixth studio album, STONE, which will come out September 15th via Abraxan Hymns. The record will be Baroness' first to not follow their longtime color scheme, and sets to challenge the band's notable creative streak once again.

"It feels great to be releasing music again," Baizley commented. "Especially a song like 'Beneath the Rose,' which we began writing during the Gold & Grey sessions almost six years ago. During those sessions, the song never quite took off but once we began writing STONE, one of the first things I did was pull that main guitar riff out of retirement to see if we could breathe new life into the bones of this song. Paired with 'Last Word,' 'Beneath the Rose' became a microcosmic expression of STONE, a kind of mission statement that hints at the wide musical territory we cover throughout the rest of the album. It's also part one of a trilogy of songs that also includes 'Choir' and 'The Dirge.'"

Stream "Beneath the Rose" above via its DIY music video, which was self-directed by the band, with editing handled by John Baizley and Nick Jost.