Hear BETTER LOVERS' riotous new song "Two Alive Amongst the Dead" | Revolver

Hear BETTER LOVERS' riotous new song "Two Alive Amongst the Dead"

Dillinger, ETID supergroup are back with another

The element of surprise is suiting Better Lovers well. The metalcore supergroup — featuring three former Every Time I Die members, ex-Dillinger Escape Plan vocalist Greg Puciato and Fit For an Autopsy guitarist/ bigwig producer Will Putney — announced their existence back in April with a raucous surprise single, "30 Under 13." 

Then, a couple months later they dropped their debut EP without any warning. And now, they've gifted us with another brand new song, titled "Two Alive Amongst the Dead."

When we recently interviewed the band, Puciato revealed that Better Lovers were writing a surprising amount of material while out on the road this summer, and he teased that we might hear something new before the clock strikes 2024. 

He was right, and in a press release, Putney confirmed that "Two Alive Amongst the Dead" was conceived on the road a few months back, performed to fans throughout their fall tour, and then recorded right after. Bing, bang, boom. 

"This song is about saying 'fuck you' to the societal and institutional pressure to fall for 'me versus you'/'us versus them' divisional tactics," Puciato added in the press release. "And realizing that we're stronger when we remember the ways we're the same, trying to find commonalities instead of differences.

"Understanding and finding compassion for one another instead of allowing ourselves to be separated and controlled. Brothers and sisters. Pieces of the same consciousness."

Blast "Two Alive Amongst the Dead" above via YouTube. 

Next month, Better Lovers will be carrying on ETID's tradition of a hometown holiday festival by launching their very own BLissmas in Buffalo, NY. It sold out quickly, but you can peep the lineup here just for kicks.