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Hear Comedian Bill Burr Rave Over Final Slayer Show: "I Actually Got Chills"

Actor recounts emotional experience on latest edition of "Monday Morning Podcast"

Comedian Bill Burr is a latecomer to the metal fandom, but that doesn't make his passion for his newfound obsession any less than those of us who have been devouring the subculture and all its trappings for years. The funny man took time out on his "Monday Morning Podcast" earlier this week to discuss an important event that he attended in Los Angeles last weekend: Slayer's final show

Burr — who says he knew family members who loved the band when he was younger but he "just couldn't make the leap" for something so aggressive and fast — was nevertheless moved while watching the demonic Big 4 band thrash through one last set. "What a way to go out," he commented, "two sold-out shows at the L.A. Forum." 

He continued relaying the night's events: "They just played 90 straight minutes. Just snapped your head back and it stayed there for 90 straight minutes and then they said goodnight. No encore, which I thought was the shit. I did feel a little bit sad. I always get a little bit melancholy around the holidays … [Tom Araya] stood there looking at the crowd with a really sad look on his face before he waved good-bye."

"I actually got chills in the end, when they were saying goodnight," he concluded. "The whole crowd started cheering, 'Thank you, Slayer.' It was awesome."

Burr had some comments about the opening acts, as well, save for Philip Anselmo & the Illegals who he says he missed because they "played such a fast set." He did make it in for Ministry, though, who "absolutely crushed it," and played his favorite song "Stigmata." He also says he saw Primus "fucking destroy it." 

Listen to the full episode above, and skip ahead to the 15:00 mark for the low-down on his time at the show.