Hear EMMURE vocalist roar on MIKE'S DEAD's sinister new song "Welcome to Hell" | Revolver

Hear EMMURE vocalist roar on MIKE'S DEAD's sinister new song "Welcome to Hell"

Frankie Palmeri brings the heavy

In May, Mike's Dead announced his signing to Hopeless Records and dropped his first release on the label, the stomping, industrial single "Puppets." Today (July 20th), the genre-busting artist has followed up with "Welcome to Hell," his heaviest song to date, which boasts a roaring feature from Emmure vocalist Frankie Palmeri. Crank it above via YouTube.

"Lyrically, the song is pretty intense," Mike's Dead commented. "From an overall perspective I'm somewhat describing what my mind is like; the things I think, see and go through. 'Hell' in this case serves as a reference to my brain — which isn't necessarily a bad thing. There's a sort of pride that Frankie and I both took with the lyrics where it's like, 'Yeah, dude we're fuckin' crazy and its fuckin' awesome.' There's one line that Frankie has, 'You can call this hell but I call this home' that really summarizes that narrative well.

"I always seem to highlight aspects of mental health in my songs and the stuff I go through so that seems to be an underlying point as well. As far as what I want listeners to take away; this is an anthem for chaos. Whether it's in the gym, on the way to work, or on the way to a show I want this to serve as a hype song that gets people ready for war and inspires chaos. We're all a little crazy."

Mike's Dead is gearing up for a slew of shows with Ice Nine Kills, as well as a run with Set It Off. Tickets available now.