Hear FULL OF HELL's scorching new song "Doors to Mental Agony" | Revolver

Hear FULL OF HELL's scorching new song "Doors to Mental Agony"

Lead single off upcoming 'Coagulated Bliss' LP

Across 15 years, five albums, five collaborative LPs and countless splits, EPs, singles and noise compilations, Full of Hell have established themselves as one of the most prolific and adventurous extreme-music bands around. With such a history of challenging eardrums, possibly the most surprising thing they could do at this point is write catchier, more accessible music — which is just what they've tried to do on their new album, Coagulated Bliss. But still Full of Hell style, which means heavy AF.

Enter lead single "Doors to Mental Agony." Coming in under two minutes, it's FOH at their most snackable, complete with a more traditional song structure and some mosh-pit-ready grooves. It's no pop song, but it does go down relatively easy by the band's own daunting standards.

Blast "Doors to Mental Agony" above via its striking, bleary-eyed music video.

Full of Hall vocalist, lyricist and electronics guru Dylan Walker commented of the song: "In this life there are many doors. Rural America exists in a vacuum with its own mundane horrors and dead ends. Every person you know will stumble through one of these doors at some point, falling into mistakes that can't be undone. Look on reality and weep."

Coagulated Bliss is due out April 26th via Closed Casket Activities and is available for pre-order here.