Hear HO99O9's new rap-punk banger "A MACHINE OF" | Revolver

Hear HO99O9's new rap-punk banger "A MACHINE OF"

The latest riot-starter from Yeti Bones and theOGM

Ho99o9 are a machine of love. At least, according to their new single.

Today, the rap-punk duo of Yeti Bones and theOGM dropped the characteristically raging and glitchy song "A Machine of," which makes that lyrical claim. It's the group's first music since their surprise-released mixtape, Ho99o9 Presents Territory: Turf Talk, Vol II., which arrived back in October.

"A Machine of" comes accompanied by a high-octane black-and-white music video capturing Ho99o9's infectious energy both onstage and off. Watch and listen above.

Notably, the song was co-produced by Sam Matlock of electro-punk upstarts Wargasm. His band previously collaborated with Ho99o9 on the Turf Talk, Vol II. standout "Molotov."