Hear nu-metal revivalist MAD KELLY's new single "Everybody's Enemy" | Revolver

Hear nu-metal revivalist MAD KELLY's new single "Everybody's Enemy"

Heavy late-Nineties vibes

With millions of global streams and over 250,000 TikTok followers to his name, Mad Kelly is a rising force in the current nu-metal revival.

Back in October, Revolver premiered his cover of Disturbed's 2000 hit "Stupify," a formative influence on the young vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and producer. Now, Mad Kelly is back with a new original song, "Everybody's Enemy," that harks back to the crunchy angst-rock of Disturbed's heyday while also bringing a modern twist to that old-school sound.

The single arrived today accompanied by a cool, nostalgia-steeped music video straight outta the late Nineties. It was shot by frequent Mad Kelly collaborator Bobby Keegan of Afflux Studios. Watch and listen above.

"I went into this song wanting a double meaning without the cliché 'could be about god or a girl'-type of song," Mad Kelly exclusively tells Revolver. "The song could be about thinking everyone hates you. Going through life thinking everyone has it out for you, and is against you.

"On the other hand... it could be about stepping away from the 'norm,' finally reaching the end with trying to blend in and be like everyone else, feeling like everybody's enemy."