Hear INFECTED RAIN's nu-prog epic "BECAUSE I LET YOU" | Revolver


Band led by powerhouse frontwoman Lena Scissorhands

Hot on the heels of their November single "NEVER TO RETURN," Infected Rain are back with "BECAUSE I LET YOU," another dynamic song showcasing the band's singular progressive-meets-nu-metal sound.

The single — the latest taste of the Moldovan group's upcoming sixth album, TIME — arrived today accompanied by a vivid, gory music video. Watch and listen above.

"In 'BECAUSE I LET YOU,' we delve into the paradox of love's pain, exploring how our deepest affections can lead to our greatest wounds," Infected Rain commented in a joint statement. "It's a raw reflection on the vulnerability we expose in love, and how sometimes those we trust most can wield our secrets and fears against us. This song isn't just about the struggles in relationships; it's a mirror to the courage it takes to acknowledge and voice this complex reality."

TIME is due out February 9th via Napalm Records.