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Hear Insane 24/7 Livestream of AI-Generated Death Metal

Dadabots' "Relentless Doppelganger" is perpetually generated madness created by deep-learning software made by Berklee grads

I've been listening to Dadabots' 24-hour death-metal YouTube stream for the past 10 minutes, and I've yet to hear anything that doesn't sound like it could be coming from an Ozzfest side stage, which is saying something — because Dadabots is an AI built by Berklee College of Music graduates Zack Zukowski and CJ Carr.

The artificial intelligence software uses a "recurrent neural network" to interpret and reproduce music. So, naturally, those two Berklee grads have used their ingenious creation to growl like Corpsegrinder in an effort to demonstrate a proof-of-concept for how machine learning can drive new types of music software.

"The neural net we used listened to [Canadian tech-death band Archspire's] 'Relentless Mutation' over and over again," says Zukowski, in a press release. "All raw audio, no tabs, no midi. It generates what it thinks it hears and tunes itself until it begins to intimate the sounds from the original album. After generating, it randomly stitches the audios together, refills the buffer, and streams it with FFmpeg. Repeat."

Personally, I'm amazed that it actually kinda works. Dadabots' interpretation of death metal doesn't sound entirely organic, but it's pretty dang close! Hear for yourself above, and read more about Zukowksi and Carr's creation here.