Hear KITTIE embrace nu-metal roots on new anthem "We Are Shadows" | Revolver

Hear KITTIE embrace nu-metal roots on new anthem "We Are Shadows"

Trailblazing band's second new song in 13 years

In February, Kittie dropped their first new song in 13 long years, the groove-metal rager "Eyes Wide Open." Today, the trailblazing Canadian band — helmed by sisters Morgan and Mercedes Lander — have followed it up with the single "We Are Shadows," which leans more into the anthemic nu-metal stylings of Kittie's landmark debut, Spit.

The song arrived accompanied by a dramatic music video set in a gothic church. Watch and listen above.

"'We Are Shadows' is about the uncertainty of a future that we can no longer control," singer-guitarist Morgan Lander commented. "We have come to a critical place in life and in our world, and much like an eclipse overtaking the sun, we are losing the light. The image of shadows slowly fading in the evening darkness, and the analogy of 'us' as shadows in the night really illustrates the possibility of slowly fading into oblivion."

She added: "It is not a song of hope, however. It's a song of coming to terms with the damage we do and acceptance of our fate. We've let darkness take hold, and so we are resolved to fade in the night with it."

No official word yet on whether Kittie's two 2024 singles are precursors to a new full-length, which would be the band's first album since 2011's I've Failed You. Stay tuned.