Hear Lorna Shore's Beastly New Song "Into the Earth" | Revolver

Hear Lorna Shore's Beastly New Song "Into the Earth"

Brutal second single from their highly-anticipated new album 'Pain Remains'

Last month, Lorna Shore gave us the news we all wanted to hear — that their new album, their first with newly-minted frontman Will Ramos, is set to arrive later this year. It's titled Pain Remains, it's slated for release in October, and the first single we heard from it was monstrously heavy as we expected. Now, we're being treated to a second helping in the form of a new single called "Into the Earth" that also happens to be a fucking brutal slice of deathcore insanity.

"'Into the Earth' is about the initial fear and acceptance of the subconscious whilst falling into a state of lucid dreaming," the band said of the song. Take a listen above via YouTube, and check in below today at noon EST for the official music video premiere. 

There's still no word on the exact release date and tracklist for Pain Remains, but with two singles already out in the wild, those details should emerge sooner than later. Until then, head below to watch our recent video with Ramos in which we made him try and guess if the noise he was hearing is an extreme-metal vocalist or a wild animal screaming. In other words, "Man or Beast?"