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See LORNA SHORE's Will Ramos join IN FLAMES for "The Mirror's Truth"

A dream come true

Lorna Shore vocalist Will Ramos got to join his favorite band onstage last night in Montclair, New Jersey's Wellmont Theater. The deathcore pig-squealer made a surprise guest appearance with Swedish melodeath vets In Flames, dueting with that group's frontman, Anders Fridén, on the song "The Mirror's Truth."

Watch fan-filmed footage above.

Ramos has been very open about his love for In Flames, and particularly their 2008 album, A Sense of Purpose, which features "The Mirror's Truth."

"The album that changed my life is A Sense of Purpose by In Flames," Lorna Shore's frontman told The Music in 2022. "That was the first one that came to mind thinking about this, and I like to be on the fly with this sort of thing, I don't wanna overthink it. I don't know a lot of albums by their names, but that album I know by name, I know every single song. I could pull the whole freaking album apart, I could hum just the guitar parts and then hum the vocal melodies and then create a humming In Flames song, basically, because I know everything in it so well."

He added: "That was the first album that I ever listened to by In Flames, and that was one of the first bands that I ever listened to when I started listening to metal. A Sense of Purpose is that album for me. I've now listened to their discography, and everyone would usually say: 'Clayman, that's the one, that was the beginning of the best.' And I mean — yes, it is definitely a good album, but for me growing up… Well, I can appreciate that album now, put it that way. I love Clayman now, but A Sense of Purpose was always the one that stuck out to me the most."

In Flames' tour with Meshuggah continues tomorrow night in Wallingford, Conneticutt.