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Hear Monolord's Heavy, Catchy New Doom Song "The Weary"

Gothenburg trio returning with new album 'Your Time to Shine'

Monolord have a new album coming next month. After releasing the two-song I'm Staying Home EP way back in January, the Gothenburg doom trio revealed that a new full-length was coming, and now they've officially confirmed that it's called Your Time to Shine and it's out October 29th.

The follow-up to their 2019 LP, No Comfort, is five low-and-slow songs stretched across 39 minutes of music, and today they've given us a peak with a fuzz-tastic lead single called "The Weary." The five-minute track opens with crushing fuzz riffs, rattling bass and a downright evil guitar lead, but then shifts to a more melodic stoner-rock section during the verses and chorus.

Fans of Sabbath, Sleep, Red Fang and early the Sword will definitely enjoy. Listen above via YouTube.

"'The Weary' is us telling a story to future generations that we are sorry but we fucked it all up," guitarist Thomas Jäger commented of the song's grim subject matter. 

Your Time to Shine is out October 29th via Relapse Records and is now available for pre-order. See the artwork and track listing below. 

Monolord Your Time to Shine cover art

Your Time to Shine track listing:
"The Weary"
"To Each Their Own"
"I'll Be Damned"
"Your Time To Shine"
"The Siren Of Yersinia"