Hear MYRKUR's new ethereal black-metal epic "Valkyriernes Sang" | Revolver

Hear MYRKUR's new ethereal black-metal epic "Valkyriernes Sang"

Third single off Danish folk-metal lightning rod's upcoming 'Spine' LP

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Myrkur, a.k.a. Danish composer and multi-instrumentalist Amalie Bruun, is gearing up to release her highly anticipated new full-length, Spine, the follow-up to 2020's Folkesange, and her first metal album since 2017's Mareridt.

Today (October 5th), she offered up its third single, "Valkyriernes Sang." A world-music-tinged black-metal epic, it's steeped in Viking lore and sung in Bruun's native Danish.

Brunn commented: "I wrote this song after diving into different interpretations of the old Norse sagas again, particularly Njál's saga and the poems about the valkyrier — 'Spydsangen' ('The Song of the Spear'). I have always been fascinated with the figures of Valkyrier in Norse mythology, their power, their role in the battles, in Valhalla and with Odin."

Spine arrives October 22nd via Relapse records, and you can pre-order Revolver's exclusive "evergreen" colored vinyl variant from our shop.