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Hear Post-Hardcore Trio State Faults Channel Converge on Furious New Song

"Moon Sign Gemini" appears on NorCal band's forthcoming full-length 'Clairvoyant'

NorCal's State Faults have spent a solid four years crafting their forthcoming, third album, Clairvoyant — and from the sound of its first single "Moon Sign Gemini," it appears the time was well spent.

State Faults flaunt their distinctly post-hardcore approach (which owes a debt to predecessors like Converge, Touche Amore, Pg.99 and others) on the unhinged lead single, which features punky guitar downstrokes and discordance over spazzy drum fills to create a mix of order/chaos and screamy terror akin to classics like Jane Doe and ...To the Beat of a Dead Horse

"'Moon Sign Gemini' deals with the exploration of the self, the unlocking of past traumas and dealing with intrusive anxious thoughts," says vocalist-guitarist Jonny Calvert-Andrew. "Trying to unravel who you are now and what made you how you are, and then contextualizing that within the uncertainty of the future. Instrumentally I think it's sort of an attempt at something dizzying and chaotic yet to the point, and it's almost as bare boned as a State Faults song gets which is something I really love. Also Gemini is my moon sign, hence the title."

Check it out below for the first time, ahead of Clairvoyant's June 21st release, and order yours via No Sleep Records (U.S.) and Dog Knights Productions (E.U.).