Hear SLAUGHTER TO PREVAIL's ultra-heavy new single "K.O.D." | Revolver

Hear SLAUGHTER TO PREVAIL's ultra-heavy new single "K.O.D."

"I am the son of the dark"

Slaughter to Prevail are digging their heels in with another brutally heavy deathcore declaration, with the controversial Florida-by-way-of-Russia outfit having just dropped a bulldozing new single "K.O.D."

Set against the detuned, groove-crushed feel you'd expect from Slaughter to Prevail, vocalist Alex Terrible goes off with an origin story on his longtime "Kid of Darkness" persona, using a verisimilitude of thick-necked growls and ungodly vocal tics in both English and Russian to explain that he's pretty much "here to guide you through the darkness."

In the music video, Terrible mostly mean-mugs for the camera, and gives himself lil demon horns with his fingers, before he and the masked STP militia drop into a Richter Scale-decimating breakdown of extreme heaviness. You can check it out up above.

"K.O.D." follows the band's recent "Conflict" single, though Terrible also just popped up alongside Tech N9ne and Ronnie Radke on Falling in Reverse's viral smash "Ronald."