See LIMP BIZKIT's cringey "Loserville" roundtable with COREY FELDMAN, RIFF RAFF and N8NOFACE | Revolver

See LIMP BIZKIT's cringey "Loserville" roundtable with COREY FELDMAN, RIFF RAFF and N8NOFACE

"I'm not exactly sure why we're doing this"

Two months out from Limp Bizkit's "Loserville" summer tour, the nu-metal icons have set out to get to know their tourmates a little bit better before getting on the road. So, in a comedically cringey tour promo, Fred Durst set up a roundtable discussion with the likes of Riff Raff, N8NOFACE, Bones and Corey Feldman, just to see "what we're getting ourselves into." It, uh, did not go well.

The 18-minute chat gets off to a weird start on a soundstage, upon the arrival of Durst's first guest, Riff Raff. The rapper is uncomfortable from the jump, likening the prospect of speaking among such a weird and unpredictable group of dudes as being like "an AA meeting with alcohol."

Durst is perplexed about his own kit ("I don't even know why I have a beard, and I don't know why the fuck I'm wearing pajamas") and also concedes that the roundtable could devolve into a clusterfuck of "massive egos." Feldman's checkin' texts about "real business," and seems incredulous over Q's about moon landings and the prospect of filming a sequel to The Burbs.

We do, however, get some hard-hitting info on the artists' favorite rider snacks (rapper Eddy Baker will take some pigs in a blanket, green M&Ms make Feldman "horny"), while Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland — who apparently took over the role of the band's resident "nu-metal cowboy" — pretty much eats imported bananas the whole way through, up until the moment he passes out.

It's a little silly, but you'll find the gab-fest up above, while the "Loserville" dates can be found here.